RoboTop has shut down :(

It's been a good run, but the code in this bot was extremely outdated and I no longer wanted to maintain it anymore.
The high server count mixed with the lack of optimization made it very costly and demanding to host, with very little payoff.
This bot was my first ever coding project and it hurts to see it go, but it was never meant to be something that would last forever.

With that being said, it's been an amazing five years and I hope you enjoyed this thing as much as I did.
The decision to make this bot completely defined who I am today. Thank you for everything <3
-- Colon :

If you still have the bot in your server, some very simple slash commands will continue to work.

- You may be able to export your data from the bot at a later date(?)

- You can view an archive of the bot's changelog here

- For my newer bots, check out Zoo and Polaris

- Some source code from the bot may be posted to Discord

- Be sure to take a look at my other projects on!