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⚠ RoboTop will be shutting down soon! ⚠

You can find more information here.

A Discord bot that doesn't suck

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Unique Commands!

Dunsparce fights, Kahoots, stock penguins, user mimicking, r/place, a heckton of animals, and plenty of other questionable features. You probably won't find this stuff anywhere else, so use my stupid bot.

Check out all the commands!

Extremely Customizable!

Disable commands and channels - or tweak smaller settings to your liking. Block certain roles from using the bot, or prevent the bot from rsponding to anyone who lacks permissions. I'll eat my shorts if you can find another bot with a customizable prefix.

All in One!

No need for a thousand bots when you've got RoboTop! Muting, timed roles, emoji management, logging, role persist, join/leave/ban messages, and everything else that powers your servers! Just don't rely on it because it's going away soon LMAO

Powerful Moderation

With RoboTop's customizable role-based strike system, you can finally serve that sweet sweet justice to the next moron who pastes Bob the Skeleton.

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RoboTop reads and responds to all DMs with his super-advanced-state-of-the-art-definitely-not-randomized AI

Absolutely No XP!

This bot doesn't have XP anymore! I murdered it! If only I developed a better bot for that...

Satisfied users!

RoboTop currently generates memes, measures dunsparces, and moderates more than four servers!

Spam protection!

RoboTop can detect and automatically deal with users who send too many messages in a set amount of time. They shall truly experience the 𝕔𝕙𝕚𝕝𝕝𝕫𝕠𝕟𝕖

Ping command!

Measure the bot's response time with the groundbreaking ping command!

No anime!

Believe it or not, this bot doesn't use an anime profile photo! Bet you don't see that everyday!

Minimalist dashboard!

Configure the bot to your heart's content with RoboTop's simple yet powerful dashboard. I call it minimalist but in reality I just suck at HTML

Zero awards!

Unfortunately, RoboTop hasn't won a single award yet. But he appreciates a good participation ribbon.

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